Is HomeSafe a taxi service?
While HomeSafe is a transportation service, it’s not a taxi service. With HomeSafe, one of our Secure Ride Professionals will collect you and your car from any location and deliver you home safely.

How can I pay for my HomeSafe Rides?
HomeSafe is a membership service with a subscription that ensures you will always have rides available to you. You pay for a set amount of credit which is deducted from your balance after each HomeSafe ride.

How can I cancel my HomeSafe Ride?
With our HomeSafe App, you can choose to cancel your ride

Can someone else use my membership?
Yes, you can register up to (3) secondary users at the time of registration.

Can I change my registered secondary users?
Yes, you can change your users by emailing us at hello@homesafebermuda.com.

Can I or my car be delivered to a location other than my registered destination?
No. We can only deliver you to the final destination registered on your HomeSafe account.

What are the service hours?
On- demand during peak hours is available 6 pm to 3 am. Pre-scheduling is required for 3:01 am to 5:59 pm.

Can I change my registered home address?
Yes, you can change it by emailing us at hello@homesafebermuda.com.