About HomeSafe

HomeSafe offers our exclusive corporate members a way that they can enjoy the safety and security of a member of our team driving them and their car home on demand via our HomeSafe app or via a scheduled service. Subscribers have the freedom to drive themselves to locations without the inconvenience of leaving cars on the road or imposing on friends and family when they are ready to leave.

Benefits to using HomeSafe

Responsible drivers know to give up the keys when mental and motor skills are impaired due to night blindness, exhaustion, post-op grogginess, or mild inebriation. HomeSafe is the perfect solution.

  • Drive to your event, medical appointment or party with no need to worry about getting your vehicle home
  • The HomeSafe collapsible electric bike can be neatly folded and dropped into your car trunk. And there is no chance of a leak
  • Vetted, licensed and insured Security Associates drivers that you can trust will take you and your vehicle home

It’s so easy to get HomeSafe.